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PSTproducts GmbH is the market leader for industrial state of the art EMPT- machine systems and for the implementation of the EMPT in industrial manufacturing processes. PSTproducts was the first company in the world to develop reliable EMPT joining and forming technology and systems, ready for high - volume production. High- strength joints can be made between metallic materials such as aluminium and steel, as well as between metals and non- metals without touching the work piece. We are pleased to inform you on these following sites about our innovative product, services and the implementation of this emerging technology in the industrial world.
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Our Business

EMPT - Machine Systems

We    are    recognised    as    leading manu-facturer   of   industrial   EMPT machine    systems    and    offer    our customers    the    complete    spec- trum     from     customer     specific product    prototyping    to    turnkey machine    installations.    We    have 10    years    of    experience    in    the industrial     application     of     inno- vative    EMPT    processes    in    high- volume   production   as   well   as   be- spoke smallbatch manufacture.

Automation and Systems Integration

In   addition   to   our   EMPT   machines we     offer     automated     manufac- turing    cells    for    “classic”    manu- facturing   processes   such   as   laser welding   and   cutting,   MIG   and   TIG welding    as    well    as    mechanical fastening   based   on   the   same   high quality    philosophy    as    our    EMPT systems.   Our   integrated   systems enable   you   to   use   various   wel- ding,    joining    and    cutting    pro- cesses in a very effective manner.

Numerical Simulation

Detailed   Finite   Element   Analysis (FEA)    enables    PSTproducts,    to optimise     our     EMPT     systems towards     the     technical     boun- daries   and   minimise   the   wear   of components.    Our    FEM    experts focus   on   the   simulation   of   elec- tromagnetic,    thermal    and    me- chanic   challenges.   Don’t   hesitate to    contact    us    with    your    en- quiries.
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