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History and Future


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History and Future



Dr. Pablo Pasquale (CV) and Dipl.-Vw. Wolfgang Schütz (CV) begin the initial

industrial development of the electromagnetic pulse technology (EMPT) process. This

is a non-contact manufacturing process for forming, cutting and joining of electrically

conducting materials. In the same year they set-up PSTproducts GmbH and build the

foundation for a company which now operates globally. Initial prototypes are

manufactured and subcontract work is conducted. 


2004 - 2006

In subsequent years PSTproducts focusses on the concept development of state of

the art pulse generators, aimed at industrial usagewith extended life expectancy and

with tool versatilityin making multiple joints, with a single pulse creating several

joints simultaneously. This results in several patents. PSTproducts becomes the first

company in the world to obtain a patent for tools for multiple joints using EMPT. The

technology is aimed at high-volume production and in particular, the pharmaceutical



The series of PSxx BlueWave pulse generators with high-power coils are introduced

and sold to high profile customers ranging from large industrial companies to

research institutes. Simultaneously, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) becomes an

important part of the full servicePSTproducts experience, with customer-

specificprototyping and continuous development of the EMPT systems. PSTproducts is

leading the field again: PSTproducts producesan EMPT system, offering complete

EMPT solutions - the first company world-wide. We further increase efficiencies and

quality of our prototypes, resultingin lower cost and faster response for our

customerswith built-to-order EMPT systems.


2008 – 2009

With the opening of sales offices in Eastern Germany (Königsbrück near Dresden,

2008), in Sweden (Stockholm, 2004), U.S.A. (Detroit, Michigan,2009) and India

(Mumbai and Chennai, 2009). PSTproducts is recognised as a world-leading

manufacturer of electromagnetic pulse machine systems and coil systems. Numerous

installationsin industry and R&D all over the world demonstrate this leading edge.

PSTproducts today The PSTproducts team works continuously on the further development of the electromagneticpulse technology and systems for joining, high energy rate forming, precision cutting and metallurgical powder pressing, to offer their customers optimum solutions in the field of EMPT machine systems (pulse generators and coils).

About us